Cannabis cultivation requires that the walk-in box create ideal growing conditions.

Benefit of using tongue and groove high density rails versus soft nose:

At Commercial Cooling, we have experience with cannabis cultivation and know what it takes to create ideal growing conditions.

Our panels are connected using tongue and grove panels with a cam-locking system.  This provides an air-tight seal between panels, restricting thermal infiltration into the insulation core.  An air-tight seal can only be accomplished through this type of panel construction.

The benefits of using a walk-in for cultivation are predicated upon an air-tight seal allowing for moisture, humidity, ventilation, temperature and light control.  Most importantly, this air-tight seal will prevent cross-contamination. 

Benefits of using Commercial Cooling walk-in boxes for Cannabis cultivation:

  • Air tight.
  • Moisture, humidity (relative humidity) and ventilation control.
  • Climate controlled, maintain temperatures of 65-85 °F (18-30 °C) through the vegetative and flowering stages for little cost.
  • Control exposure to light and light reflection to have optimal light conditions.
  • Control atmosphere to create ideal environment for grow-room.
  • Insulated polyurethane walls prevent exposure to outside heat.
  • Energy efficient units.
  • Insect free grow-room.
  • Customizable reporting and easy-to-use monitoring solutions.

About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in freezers since 1967. We offer customized cold storage solutions for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, super markets, liquor stores, delis, florists, fast food outlets, processing plants, cold storage, hospitals, food wholesalers, law enforcement evidence rooms, medical/scientific facilities, and hotels throughout the United States.

As the manufacturing leaders of walk in coolers, walk in freezers, refrigerated marijuana cultivation solutions, and commercial refrigeration equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California, Commercial Cooling, through its state-of-art facility, is better equipped to deliver the highest quality product at the most competitive prices.