Refrigerated Warehouses

With our deep-rooted expertise, we've been crafting specialized cooling solutions for massive storage spaces, ensuring consistent temperatures and unparalleled efficiency.

Energy efficiency is one of the primary considerations with cold storage facilities.  To this end, we will work with the customer to get detailed information about heat loads including whether employees will be working inside, potential forklift use and along with average temps of products entering the room to ensure refrigeration is sized for optimal energy efficiency. Another consideration is safety due to the size of these cold rooms and to this end, Commercial Cooling offers engineering calc’s and wet stamped drawings.  Once the submittal drawing is approved it is sent to an outside engineering firm to run a series of site specific calculations including seismic, wind and rain calculations to ensure the walk-in is structurally sound.  The drawing will be wet-stamped in 5-7 business days if no changes are required.  By taking these additional steps Commercial Cooling is ensuring that the walk-in is both energy efficient and safe to use for years to come. 


Commercial Cooling offers additional accessories for your walk in:

  • Manual and Electric Sliding Doors
  • LED Lighting
  • Temperature Alarms
  • Structural Steel Supports
  • Vinly Strip Curtains
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