What Our Clients Have To Say Testimonials.

Dave DemmaUnited Refrigeration

My first experience with Commercial Cooling was about 12 years ago. One of my customers had purchased a Commercial Cooling Walk -In Box for a blood bank in the Western US. The box was experiencing severe infiltration and frosting issues. The owner of Commercial Cooling few to the jobsite on a Friday to meet with me, the installing contractor and the blood bank management. The next day he came back to the site with the contractor to remove some of the panels in an effort to determine the cause. It turned out that the contractor had installed the box incorrectly, resulting in the infiltration problems they were experiencing. That initial experience so impressed me that I have continued to use them for my Walk-In Box needs.

 Regarding current Walk-In Box needs, I have found them to be very responsive to my customers’ needs, provide quotes in a very timely manner, and they are friendly and easy to work with. More importantly, their lead times have been amazingly short, and the quality of their product is exceptional. One recent job required several very custom Walk-In Boxes for a large and well-established Mechanical Contractor. These were for a research cold room, and they were installed at a major university in California. The specifications for these boxes were quite specialized and elaborate. And over the course of the quoting stage, the university made changes to the specifications several times. Commercial Cooling responded quickly to all of these change requests, and without any complaints. The boxes were assembled without any issues, and the contractor said they were the best-looking boxes he’s ever seen.