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Since 1967, Commercial Cooling has been providing customers with the highest quality of Walk-In Coolers and Freezers in the industry. Our facility features state of the art equipment, allowing us to provide the finest quality products at the most competitive prices. With over 320 years of combined management experience in the industry, we can build our modular panels to any size or specification. We can turnaround a complete project in as a little as 2 weeks – sometimes less for rush orders — where most walk-in box manufacturers take as long as 4-6 weeks. Most importantly, we proudly only use 100% U.S. made materials.

Panels and Insulation

Foam Rail Indent Commercial Cooling

Foam Rail Indents

While the gaps on the sides of the foam may not seem like something important, they actually are necessary. These gaps allow our machines to bend the exterior metal into the foam so when its stapled it does not extend outside the finished edges of the rail. This indent also allows for a tighter connection which prevents thermal transfer

Tongue and Groove Commercial Cooling

Tongue and Groove Design

Our tongue and groove design is a cam-locking system that provides an air-tight seal between the panels, restricting air infiltration into the insulation core. This seal keeps the box running at optimal temperatures which keeps the condens-ing unit running more extending the life of the unit. The rough top on the rails is also done intentionally so that the foam rails have better adhesion with the urethane foam.

High Density Foam Rails

Our high density foamed-in-place polyurethane foam rails are the optimal choice for manufacturing our Walk-in panels. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • They have incredible flexural strength which eliminates the need for perimeter wood framing (old style construction).
  • The panels can easily be made to exact size requirements. There are no restrictions to dimensions, such as perimeter and door location.
  • Odd size panels can be manufactured in the same method as standard panels with little effect on cost. This also provides the architect and consultant the maximum design space use.
  • Foam rails have better structural integrity, higher thermal efficiency, less frequent panel damage during shipping and installation, and no leakage of the core foam onto the panel skin that has to be cleaned.
  • Our high density rail panel can withstand a temperature range from -65C to +85C (-85F to +185F) and is dimensionally stable.
  • Foam rails do not warp, twist or deteriorate as wood can when exposed to moisture and cold; panels maintain structural integrity and boxes last longer.

Panels and Insulation

Panels Commercial Cooling

Panel Construction

Our Walk-in Panels are U.L. foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation between interior and exterior metal pans that have been die-formed and gauged for uniformity. Panel perimeter shall be tongue-and-groove design with 10 lb. density foam rail construction. Walkin Panels are Constructed of 3 ½“ , 4, or 5 in panels, insulated with foamed-in-place polyurethane.


Cam Lock Mechanism

Our panels are connected to one another by placing the tongue of the insulation core of one panel
into the groove of the core insulation of the adjacent panel. The resultant tongue and groove joint are sealed at both sides by double barreled NSF approved gaskets. Each one of our panels comes with 3 Cam locks to ensure a better seal.

Our Quality Control Check

We hold all our walk-in boxes to the highest quality. That is why here at Commercial Cooling we stand up and inspect our boxes using our 7-point inspection quality control list to ensure that each box meets our quality standards. Commercial Cooling is the only company in the country that uses such quality control measures prior to shipment.

We check the drawing of the box and ensure that the box was manufactured to the exact specification the customer requested.

We inspect the metal, foam rails and wood (if applicable) to ensure that they are free of any defects that could affect the integrity of the Walk-in box.

We check the door(s) of the box and look for any scratches on the finish and inspect the air vent(s) and any electrical wiring (if applicable) to ensure everything is in working order.

We inspect the walk-in panels and ensure they are not damaged or defective in any way.

We assemble the panels and ensure the panels are straight when they lock together and we check for any gaps or other defects.

We check to make sure all accessories are included with the Walk-in box (Screws, vents, or other loose parts).

The quality control manager does one last inspection themselves. The shipper manager checks again to make sure everything that needs to be included with the box is included. Finally the shipping assistant will palletize the box and prepare it for shipment.

Additional Features & Benefits

Swing or Sliding Doors (Manual)

  • Up to 10′ x 10′ for sliding doors
  • Up to 5′ Wide for swing doors

Heated Vents

Left or Right Hinges

Flush or Overlap Doors

Heated Frames and Doors

Door Jambs

Heavy Duty Door Closers

Vinyl Curtains (Air Curtains)

Locking Bar

Diamond Tread Kickplates

Heavy Duty Threshold

View Windows

Replacement Doors & Panels

Coving & Trim

Field Measuring

Auto-CAD Drawings

Engineering Reports

Delivery & Installation

Stucco Embossed Aluminum .04

stucco and boss aluminum 04 Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

Stucco Embossed Galvolume 26 Gauge

stucco boss galvolume 26 gauge finish Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

Stucco Embossed Galvanized 26 Gauge

Stucco Boss Galvanized 26 Gauge Finish Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

.040 Stucco Embossed Aluminum

stucco boss white aluminum 04 finish Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

26 Gauge White Galvanized Steel

stucco boss white galvanized finish Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

Smooth Aluminum White .04

smooth aluminum white 04 finish Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

22 Gauge Stainless Steel Type 304 #4 Finish

stainless steel 22 gauge type 304 finish 4 Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

Panels Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #7

SGS US Testing Company, Inc. Report Number 740813-1

Flame spread and smoke developed per UL-723, ASTM E84-95b, ANSI/NFPA

No. 255, and UBC No. 8-1

U.L. Certified Panels

2007 Federal Energy Independence & Safety Act (EISA) compliant

Los Angeles Research Report Number 25314

City of Los Angeles Approved Fabricator Certificate # 2055

California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 compliant

City of Houston Fabricator’s Certificate # 772

Oregon Insignia of Compliance-Manufacturer # M564

Hawaii Compliant

City of Seattle Compliant

O.E.M Manufacturer for:

Walk-in Accessories

Commercial Cooling Walk-in Thermometer


Commercial Cooling Vapor Proof LED Light Walk-in Box

Vapor Proof LED Lights

Commercial Cooling 4 in LED Lighting Walk-in Box

Vapor Proof LED Lights

Adjustable Shelving Commercial Cooling Walk-in Box

Adjustable Shelving

Weiss Alarm Commercial Cooling Walk-in Box Accessory

Weiss Alarms

Quick Ship Boxes

Quick Ships come in 6 nominal sizes: 8x8x8 (cooler); 8x10x8 (cooler); 8x12x8 (cooler); 8x8x8 (freezer); 8x12x8 (freezer); 8x12x8 (cooler/freezer combo). They feature overlap doors with 3 1/2” Panels (Cooler) and 4” Panels (Freezer and Combo) and 4” lag down ceilings.

These boxes are always in stock and the pricing includes refrigeration along with all the components necessary to get the box running.

Take a look at some of the boxes Commercial Cooling has built!

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