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This year, Commercial Cooling celebrates its golden anniversary by looking back at its growth over the years from an 8,000 sq. foot facility with 8 employees to a 60,000 sq. foot state of the art production facility with 60 team members and their building of custom boxes, walk-in cooler and freezers. From its founding day in 1967 to celebrating this milestone moment in its history, these celebratory experiences are not only a way to commemorate 50 years of success—they are also inspiring the company’s future.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

  • I have been using Commercial cooling walk-ins for over 15 years and use their product in every design job, from consulting to quote and drawing they are absolutely the best in business, I have sold and install for 120 of their walk-ins. - Nader Monem Director Of Sales
  • Your response time on drawings and quotes has improved markedly: you were already good, but you are now even better! Thank you for being an excellent company with a superior product: we appreciate you!!
    Commercial Cooling Satisfied Customer
  • I have been very busy installing boxes weekly and out of all the different brand names that I have been installing boxes weekly and out of all the different brand names that I have been installing your boxes are the best to install, top quality and very clean, its been very helpful on saving us time and labor during the install also makes me look good to the customers. Thank you!
    Cedars Refrigeration Service
  • I want to say how impressed we were with your operation and the helpfulness of yourself and everyone else at your facility.
    Joe Wilshire
  • Today is my 10 year Anniversary with Commercial Cooling. I signed the Contract on my Birthday 10 years ago today. I want to give thanks to both of you for the opportunity to Rep Commercial Cooling, because it has been a great Partnership. Commercial Cooling is the "Best" I Have ever Repped in my 30+ Years in Arizona.
    Commercial Cooling Sales Representative
  • I've been a customer of Commercial Cooling since 1998 and I've had good experiences working with managers, vice presidents, and the CEO, Mr. Milani.
    They stand up their boxes in their facility and by doing so, my boxes are always trouble free at the job-site. I'm always treated nicely and enjoy a pleasant experience as everyone has extensive knowledge when it comes to sizing equipment. Overall, I would give Commercial Cooling an A+ compared to other walk-in companies. I'll always be a loyal customer and hope Commercial Cooling will always hold onto their respected title. God bless you all.
      (Good Quality and Ready on Time is a standard at Commercial Cooling) -Basher Hannon Angel Refrigeration
    Basher Hannon
    Angel Refrigeration
  • I've been working with Commercial Cooling for a year and a half now and since moving a significant amount of custom work their way, we have seen dramatic improvements in the quality of our panel boxes, cost savings and lead times.  From a sourcing standpoint, those are the three main characteristics  I am looking for in a major supplier and Commercial Cooling has consistently executed all three.  From the production floor to executive management, Commercial Cooling has been recognized as a superior supplier and partner from the higher quality standards to increased profitability in our products.  Keep up the good work Commercial Cooling! -Patrick Peters ESPEC North America
    Patrick R. Peters
    ESPEC North America
  • Over the years, I've dealt with many walk-in manufactures and have had my greatest success with Commercial Cooling.   I've worked with Commercial Cooling for many years on dozens of projects, large and small.  The entire team at Commercial Cooling does an outstanding job.   They are prompt, knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Their product is produced with high quality and consistently ships on time.  Commercial Cooling does whatever is required to help resolve any issues related to the construction and shipment of their walk-ins.  I will deal with Commercial Cooling for all of my future walk-in needs and would recommend them to anyone. -Russell Mills, Tacoma Branch Manager Refrigeration Supplies Distributor
    Russell Mills
    Refrigeration Supplies Distributor
  • I have been working with John Milani since the early days, when his business was located in Whittier. I have been a very loyal customer for over 15 years because of the exceptional service I continue to receive. I've never had a problem with a walk-in that couldn't be fixed with a phone call to Jenny Le, and most of our jobs are problem-free. Recently, we completed a large walk-in cooler/freezer combo project (in the half million dollar range), with structural engineering, that went exceptionally well. That customer of mine is very happy, and already thinking of expanding it. I have been pleased with the quick turn-around time, when I've needed something fast. I'm thankful for our mutually successful business relationship, and the outstanding product that they produce. I have great confidence in recommending Commercial Cooling. -Paul Russavage Market Cooling & Construction, Inc.
    Paul Russavage
    Market Cooling & Construction, Inc.
  • It is my pleasure to highly recommend Commercial Cooling for precision walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Our Bio-pharmaceutical industry demands Quality, Precision and Accuracy. These units are calibrated,temperature mapped, monitored 24/7 and are used to store very critical injectable drugs and we have found that Commercial Cooling Units are capable to handle our sophisticated requirements and conditions. We have been working with Commercial Cooling since 2007, currently we have around 32 walk-in units. We find their staff and management to be knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Their flexibility made it easy to continue working with them. -Medhat Gorgy, President and CEO Pyramid Laboratories Inc.
    Medhat Gorgy
    Pyramid Laboratories
  • Hello Mr. Milani, I hope this finds you well. I want to thank you for all of your help in our Chevron project in the City of Redlands. Furthermore, I want to elaborate on the workmanship and the professionalism of your Company, "Commercial Cooling". This is to everyone that wants to here my comments about your Company. I have been working with Commercial Cooling for over 10 years in several projects. As an Architect, I have been satisfied 100% in all of my projects where Commercial Cooling has been involved. The most recent example has been the Chevron Station located at, 120 The Terrace, City of Redlands, Ca. I had ordered my walk-in cooler from Commercial Cooling. The day that the cooler part along with the installation personnel arrived and installed the cooler, my contractor realized that the cooler was built with height of 8'-0". The Contractor called me to verify the height. I had requested the cooler to be 9'-0" in height. The mistake was not due to the Commercial Cooling's interpretation, since the original contract was for the 8'-0" high cooler. I had verbally communicated with the secretary to include the 9'-0" high cooler in the project. The misunderstanding was created. The day of installation, Mr. Milani had ordered his installers to remove all of the already installed cooler to be disassembled and taken back to the factory. Mr. Milani provided us with the new cooler with the 9' -0" height and installed it within a weeks time. Mr. Milani never discussed the discrepancy nor charged us with any additional fee. Thank you, Mr. Milani. Regards, -Nasser Moghadam, Architect
    Nasser Moghadam
  • Thank you very much for putting a rush on that order. Your box assembled perfectly and I will say it is a beautiful, high quality walk-in. Thanks again, Brad Oertle
    Brad Oertle-Pacific Refrigeration, Inc