How can I get a quote?

Fill out the Quote Request web form or call us at (626) 964-8700.

How do your prices compare to other manufacturers?

Highest quality products plus competitive prices equals best value.

What are Commercial Cooling’s certifications?

We are certified in the following:

  • UL R25886
  • Panels Certified to NSF Standard # 7
  • Los Angeles Research Report No. 25314
  • California Energy Commission Title 20 Requirements
  • Approved as “Type 1 Fabricator” by City of Los Angeles, CA-License No. FB02055
  • Approved in State of Oregon (Insignia of Compliance)
  • City of Houston, Texas Approved Fabricator Registration No. 772
  • Hawaii Certificate of Compliance
What makes Commercial Cooling better than other walk-in companies?

Unmatched quality, custom sizes, ability to meet special requirements, short lead times and ease of installation.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order anytime, by reaching us at (626) 964-8700.

Where can I find installation instructions for my walk-in?

Each unit is shipped with a shop drawing and assembly instructions. Please also see our product literature.

How do I identify my walk-in cooler?

Each walk-in cooler has a unique serial number. The serial number will help with purchase of replacement parts, warranty and details of your model.

How long, will it take Commercial Cooling to send me a quote?

Usually 24 hrs for simple designs; multiple walk-in projects and complex spec jobs, please allow extra time so that we may provide a comprehensive quotation.

What are the specifications of your walk-ins?

We offer 3½”, 4″, and 5″ thick modular, prefabricated panels made with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.

Do I need a floor in my walk-In?

Insulated floors are generally required in freezers but not in coolers.

What is your warranty?

We offer a ten (10) year limited warranty from the date of original shipment under conditions of normal use and service at the original installation site. Component parts and doors are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment.

How do I unload my walk-in when it gets here?

Once it is at your site it will need to be unloaded with a forklift or the unit will have to be unloaded piece by piece from inside the truck. This is a three to four man job.

Do you offer any installation services?

We offer complete installation, including refrigeration equipment, electrical connections, and condensate drain lines. Our installers have a long history with our company and are California-licensed refrigeration contractors.