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A Journey with John Milani

John Milani

Owner / CEO
John Milani purchased Commercial Cooling in 1984
St. Jude Appreciation for Commercial Cooling

Meet the owner

John Milani


John Milani came to the United States at the age of 16, leaving his family and financial comforts behind in pursuit of the American Dream. Mr. Milani neither spoke English nor had any support in the States, but through hard work and determination earned his bachelor and master’s degrees in engineering. He went on to work for Rucker Hydraulic, Ford Motor Company and Arvandan Maritime before purchasing Commercial Cooling in 1984. In the time since he purchased the company, it has grown from an 8,000 square foot facility to a cutting edge 60,000 square foot facility with approximately 50 employees.

The growth and success of Commercial Cooling is due in large part to Mr. Milani’s dedication to his employees and to the community at large. This commitment starts with a company policy of respect that applies to all employees and also involves birthday parties, cash bonuses, and assistance during times of illness or financial hardship.

John created scholarships for financially needy students at Stanford, University of Virginia, Stetson University College of Law and Loma Linda University.

Notable highlights:

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Owner John Milani Donating to LLU Children's Hospital

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Mr. Milani is also a philanthropist committed to giving back by donating equipment and providing scholarships. He has donated equipment to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Mercy Ship, Stetson University College of Law, Armenian Relief & Development Association (ARDA) and Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

He also created scholarships for financially needy students at Stanford, University of Virginia, Stetson University College of Law and Loma Linda University. Finally, he established the ‘Hassan, Mahvash and Farzad Milani Charitable Trust’ to provide financial assistance to both disadvantaged college students and children in need of care.

This unparalleled dedication to giving back was learned from his late mother who used to say “it’s not how much you give; it’s the percentage of your capability.” These lessons will continue to shape Mr. Milani’s commitment to pursuing charitable goals in the years to come.

About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in freezers since 1967. We offer customized cold storage solutions for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, super markets, liquor stores, delis, florists, fast food outlets, processing plants, cold storage, hospitals, food wholesalers, law enforcement evidence rooms, medical/scientific facilities, and hotels throughout the United States. As the manufacturing leaders of walk in coolers, walk in freezers, refrigerated cold storage warehouses, and commercial refrigeration equipment, Commercial Cooling, through its state-of-art facility, is better equipped to deliver the highest quality product at the most competitive prices.

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