Specifications for Commercial Cooling Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Title Description
GENERAL Walk-in panels shall be modular in design and are to be constructed of 3 ½”, 4” or 5 ” thick prefabricated panels manufactured with 100% US made materials.
PANEL CONSTRUCTION Panels to be U.L. foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation between interior and exterior metal pans that have been die-formed and gauged for uniformity.  Panel perimeter shall be tongue-and-groove design with 10 lb density foam rail construction.  Rails to have a ½ “ indent to assure flush finish surface with metal flange and single bulb NSF gasket.  Panels shall be modular in design and connected with cam-locking fasteners to assure airtight seams and structural strength to the panels.  Cam locks are lever acting with eccentric hooked locks and mating pins securely anchored in the adjacent panel to assure the ease of alignment and positive seal.  Cam-lock spacing shall not exceed 48” on center.  Access ports for cam locks to be covered with snap-in cap plugs.
INSULATION CFC free urethane insulation shall have 97% closed cell structure.  Class 1 rated urethane foam to have thermal conductivity (K-Factor) of not less than .120 BTU/hr per degree F/ inch and overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Factor) of not more than .030 BTU/hr sq ft.  All foam panels to be supplied with Class 1 fire hazard insulation certified by Underwriters Laboratories as having a flame spread of 25 or less and smoke generation of 450 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM-E-84.
PANEL LOCKING ASSEMBLY Assembly of walk-ins shall be accomplished by cam-locking fasteners which shall be foamed-in-place and activated by a hex wrench provided by the factory.  Access ports shall be on the interior of panels to allow assembly of walk-ins from inside and shall be covered with snap caps.
PANEL GASKETS Flexible NSF vinyl gaskets shall be adhesive backed and installed on the exterior edge of the rail “tongue”.  Gaskets shall be impervious to stains, grease, oils, and mildew.
METAL FINISH Standard metal is 26 gauge embossed bright galvanized finished.  U.S. made G-90 galvanized coating with certificate of origin.
FLOOR CONSTRUCTION Floor panels shall be 4 ½“ thick and constructed with metal bonded to ¾” exterior grade plywood and then foamed-in-place.  Standard floor finish is .040 smooth aluminum.  Floors shall be designed and manufactured to support uniformly distributed stationary loads up to 700 pounds per square foot. If a floor is not required, alignment channel is provided.  Channel is designed to be anchored to masonry floors and to provide a template for wall panels.
ENTRANCE DOORS Standard door shall be overlap or in-fitting, flush design as specified.  The door edge shall consist of a PVC perimeter into which the interior and exterior metal skins are secured and shall create a thermal break between metal facings.  Magnetic gasket shall be dart and ridge design to allow quick replacement.  Freezer doors shall have concealed heated jamb and threshold heater, easily accessible for replacement or service.  Heated pressure relief vent port shall be provided on freezer applications. The door hinges shall be heavy-duty cam-lift design in bright chrome finish.  Hinges shall have steel pins with nylon bushings and shall be of sufficient size and number to support twice the weight of the door.  The door latch shall be made of similar materials and finish as the door hinges.  The latch shall incorporate an inside safety release that complies with OSHA standards.  All doors shall be self-closing without assistance when opened up to 90 degrees and shall remain open when opened above 90 degrees. The bottom of the door shall have a flexible sweep gasket.
LIGHTING Light fixture shall be compact vapor-proof fluorescent type, shipped loose, with a shatterproof globe cover (light bulb included).  Light switch with pilot light and digital thermometer shall be factory installed and flush-mounted on the exterior of the door section.  All wiring within the door section, light switch, and light fixture, to be factory installed in conduit and shall terminate at the top of the frame.  Field connection by others is required for complete operation; 120 volt, 60 cycle, 1-phase.  All components to be U.L. Recognized.
NSF All coolers and freezers shall be fabricated to comply with National Sanitation Foundation Standard #7.  The NSF label shall be affixed to the interior door jamb.
TRIM Trim strips between walk-in walls and building walls shall be furnished by factory, shipped loose.  Finish to match walk-in panels.
  • U.L. Certified Panels
  • Panels Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #7.
  • Electrical and refrigeration components are Underwriters Laboratories Listed or Recognized and National Sanitation Foundation Certified.
  • SGS US Testing Company, Inc. Report Number 740813-1
  • Flame spread and smoke developed per UL-723, ASTM E84-95b, ANSI/NFPA No. 255, and UBC No. 8-1.
  • 2007 Federal Energy Independence & Safety Act (EISA) compliant
  • Los Angeles Research Report Number 25314.
  • City of Los Angeles Approved Fabricator Certificate # 2055
  • California Energy Commission (CEC) Title 20 compliant.
  • City of Houston Fabricator’s Certificate # 772
  • Oregon Insignia of Compliance-Manufacturer # M564
  • Hawaii Compliant


Title Description
View Window: Standard sizes are 15” x 15” and 14” x 24” triple pane glass with and without heater wire.
Temperature Alarm:

Standard version is High / Low Temperature Alarm & Monitor with Power Failure Alarm & Monitor (Battery Backup with built in recharging circuitry).

  • Field Adjustable High and Low Alarm Temperature Setpoints
  • Field Selectable High / Low Temperature Alarm Display in F or C.
  • Field Adjustable Time Delay
  • Audible Visual and Remote Alarm Notification
  • Built-In Power Supply
  • Surface or Flush Mount
Vinyl Strip Curtain: PVC flexible .060 vinyl 6” strips with 50% overlap for standard cooler and freezer door applications.  NSF Certified slide-in aluminum mounting bar.  Larger and thicker strips available for larger doors.
Ceiling Enclosure: Metal of material matching the exposed walk-in exterior can be provided to close off space between the box top and the ceiling with or without track; maximum 24” high without support.
Doors: Sliding doors, manual or electric, Bi-Parting, Lift-Up, and roll-up insulated doors are available.  Oversize and custom door sizes are available.
Glass Doors and Stationary Glass Windows: Glass door frames and stationary window frames are aluminum with 2 or 3 panes of glass.  Medium temperature glass doors include door frame heaters.  Low temperature glass doors have door frame and door heaters.  Available with or without anti-sweat controller.  Glass doors are self-closing with magnetic gaskets to provide a tight seal.  Interior fluorescent lights and wire shelving are included when glass door package is purchased.  CEC Title 20 compliant doors and windows are available.
Outdoor Roof Membrane: Custom prefabricated reinforced thermoplastic membrane, leak-proof, resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds; used with or without sloped foam insert.  Note: should be installed by authorized contractor.
Refrigeration: Commercial Cooling is an O.E.M. supplier of a national brand of remote and self-contained indoor and outdoor condensing units with matching evaporator coils.

To promote continuous improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing the highest quality walk-in coolers & freezers since 1967. From a humble start in an 8,000 sq. foot facility with 8 employees we have grown to a 60,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art production facility with over 60 team members.

Commercial cooling has extensive experience with restaurants and fast casual chains, evidence rooms, liquor stores, flower shops, medical/scientific, breweries, cannabis, test chambers and cold storage facilities.  In addition, to manufacturing custom walk-ins to your design specifications, we offer: refrigeration; parts & door hardware; metal trim; engineering reports; and delivery & installation.

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