Test Chamber

Commercial Cooling can build Test Chambers to any size or specification.

We can deliver cold storage test chambers to meet any specification!

Our test chamber enclosures use special panels that are designed to operate within a range of -65C to + 85 C (constant or ramp) and 95% RH variable or constant.  Special Doors are designed to operate within this temperature range.

Maximum single door width is 60”. Maximum double door net opening width is 120”. Doors requiring net openings beyond 120” will be manufactured by our door supplier and built to our spec’s. We also offer manual sliding doors, both single and bi part for larger openings and operate under the same conditions.

Our standard test chamber product is 4” or 5” panels, all steel doors and frames with welded pans, high and temp-low temp gaskets, and proper thermostatically controlled door and frame heat.

We also offer drive-in chambers in the field used for testing autos, trucks and even larger vehicles working in the ranges mentioned above.

We private label our chambers and are the single supplier to a major International test chamber supplier for over 6 years.

About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing the highest quality walk-in coolers & freezers since 1967. From a humble start in an 8,000 sq. foot facility with 8 employees we have grown to a 60,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art production facility with over 60 team members.

Commercial cooling has extensive experience with restaurants and fast casual chains, evidence rooms, liquor stores, flower shops, medical/scientific, breweries, cannabis, test chambers and cold storage facilities.  In addition, to manufacturing custom walk-ins to your design specifications, we offer: refrigeration; parts & door hardware; metal trim; engineering reports; and delivery & installation.

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