Market Segments

Commercial Cooling tailors to many different market segments.

Brewery/Bar counter with beer taps


Cooling Solutions for Breweries

Colleges and Universities Market Segment Commercial Cooling Par Engineering


Cooling Solutions for Schools



Cooling Solutions for Restaurants

Walk-in Cooler Box with Glass Display Doors and Shelving for Grocery Store Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc

Grocery Stores

Cooling Solutions for Grocery Stores

Custom Flower Display Box with Glass Display Sliding Door from Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc.

Floral Shops

Cooling Solutions for Floral Shops


Law Enforcement

Cooling Solutions for Law Enforcement


Convenience & Liquor Stores

Cooling Solutions for Convenience & Liquor Stores


Medical & Scientific

Cooling Solutions for Medical & Scientific

Amazon Fresh Glass Door Cooler and Freezers Market Segment Commercial Cooling Par Engineering

Cold Storage Warehouses

Cooling Solutions for Cold Storage Warehouses

Amazon Fresh Glass Door Cooler and Freezers Market Segment Commercial Cooling Par Engineering

Complex & Special Design Projects

Cooling Solutions for Complex & Special Design Projects


Test Chambers

Cooling Solutions for Test Chambers


Cannabis Cultivation Coolers & Freezers

Cooling Solutions for Cannabis Cultivation Coolers & Freezers

About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing Walk-in Coolers and Walk-in freezers since 1967. We offer customized cold storage solutions for a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, super markets, liquor stores, delis, florists, fast food outlets, processing plants, cold storage, hospitals, food wholesalers, law enforcement evidence rooms, medical/scientific facilities, and hotels throughout the United States.

Commercial Cooling has established itself as the leading manufacturer of walk- in boxes by delivering industry best boxes, unrivaled customer service, 1-2 lead times and competitive prices.