Brewery Walk In Coolers and Walk In Freezers

Our walk-in coolers are the perfect solution for keeping your beer at the proper temperature.

At Commercial Cooling, we have experience with all varieties of commercial refrigeration, including craft breweries. We understand that flavor loss, flatness and staleness result from exposure to heat faster with craft beers than with domestic, pasteurized beers. Our reliable and affordable products will ensure your beer keeps its taste and aroma.

Our walk-in coolers have been used by: Faction Brewing; Garage Brewing; Anderson Valley Brewery; Stone Brewing; Beach City Brewery; Discretion Brewing; and Four Peaks Brewery, just to name a few.

Our management team has over 320 years of refrigeration experience and is committed to tailoring our products to meet your personalized needs. For this reason, we are able to deliver a level of customer service that will beat all your expectations.

See what Commercial Cooling has to offer:

  • Competitive prices & shortest lead times.
  • Energy efficient units.
  • 100% American Made.
  • Customizable reporting and easy-to-use monitoring solutions.
  • 7-Point inspection in which we stand up & photograph every walk-in before shipment.

Commercial Cooling offers additional accessories for your walk-in:

Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

Garage Brewing Commercial Cooling Par Engineering Inc. City of Industry

Proud Member of the California Craft Brewers Association


About Commercial Cooling:

Commercial Cooling has been manufacturing the highest quality walk-in coolers & freezers since 1967. From a humble start in an 8,000 sq. foot facility with 8 employees we have grown to a 60,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art production facility with over 60 team members.

Commercial cooling has extensive experience with restaurants and fast casual chains, evidence rooms, liquor stores, flower shops, medical/scientific, breweries, cannabis, test chambers and cold storage facilities. In addition, to manufacturing custom walk-ins to your design specifications, we offer: refrigeration; parts & door hardware; metal trim; engineering reports; and delivery & installation.

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